I am a litigator and a mediator.

My areas of practice are Criminal Defense, Family Law, and General Practice.

I am a skilled and powerful advocate, a compassionate avenger.

Whether you have been arrested, or your family life is changing, or you have a problem in general, I can help you.

I know how the courts work, and I understand people.

I am an experienced trial lawyer, a former Connecticut state prosecutor, a professional mediator, and a sought after legal analyst for cable and television news. I appear frequently on NBC’s “The Today Show” and am MSNBC’s Senior Legal Analyst.

We are all eggshells

I love the “eggshell” rule which means you must take people as you find them and accept them as they are, not as you would have them be.  It comes from tort law (technically called the “eggshell skull” or “eggshell plaintiff” doctrine).  In the eggshell case, a man was hit on the head and died, […]

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Even when your inner skeptic is going nuts

Hey there.  I recognize you.  I know you.  You feel frazzled, anxious and scared.  You feel trapped in your marriage.  You feel unseen, unheard, devalued and disrespected.  You feel criticized, put down and controlled.  You fear there is No Way Out.  And you blame yourself.  You gave up your career for the sake of Marriage, […]

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Charlie Sheen: Lick My Feet

Sheen insists CBS owes him an apology, will “lick his feet” and give him a raise to come back to finish the hit TV show that was cancelled before it was finished. Sheen insists he kicked his alcohol and drug addictions by willpower alone because he has “tiger blood and Adonis DNA” but can stilll celebrate with the occasional drink because he is “special.” And Sheen will win his war with CBS with “violent hatred.”

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Celebrity Divorce

Divorce is a financial transaction just like dissolving a business. It is mostly a matter of money. Tell that to a cuckolded spouse who still has to fork over half his pay for life. “It’s not fair…” is the familiar moan, or “I would rather give it to my lawyer than to my spouse”. Because the partnership was romantic, and was based on the most intimate bond humans can form, its disruption wreaks havoc on human emotion.

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Lady In White

There are outfits for parties and for going out and Lohan’s dress was darling for either- but it was much too fetching and cavalier for court. If anyone wonders whether Lohan loves the attention, muse no more. Her outfit said, “look at me, no, stare, and take me in, all of me.” I would have […]

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What will happen to Lindsay Lohan now?

Tomorrow, at 1:00 PT, Lindsay Lohan will be arraigned on felony grand theft charges in L.A.’s Airport courthouse where a judge will decide bail. Lohan will likely post bail after her arraignment tomorrow and leave the courthouse a free woman. But not for long. If convicted, Lohan could face up to three years in state prison. Lohan allegedly shoplifted a one of a kind necklace worth $2,500. Incredible as it seems, for an actress who undoubtedly has the money to pay for it, Lohan faces a felony conviction, time in state prison, and a trip back to county jail on a probation violation, for a rope of gold around her neck. The rope of gold may well turn in into cuffs of silver.

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What is at stake for Julian Assange?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s ongoing extradition hearing in London will decide whether he goes back to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning in connection with one rape allegation and one sexual molestation allegation, or whether he can stay in the U.K. Sweden wants him extradited because they claim he left their country before they could arrest him. Assange denies any wrongdoing and says he left Sweden after five weeks of waiting to be questioned and after being told he had permission to go.

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Lindsay Lohan – Is it time she does time?

Is there a case against Lindsay Lohan or does she have a defense to grand theft larceny? If she is arrested, this is an automatic violation of her probation. She will go back to the same judge who sentenced her– who is already on record saying that he will send her to jail if she violates her probation. She already avoided a jail sentence from this judge by going to rehab. Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to celebrity justice? Is it time for Lindsay to go to jail or is she an addict who needs help with her disease?

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