What will happen to Lindsay Lohan now?

Tomorrow, at 1:00 PT, Lindsay Lohan will be arraigned on felony grand theft charges in L.A.’s Airport courthouse where a judge will decide bail. Lohan will likely post bail after her arraignment tomorrow and leave the courthouse a free woman. But not for long. If convicted, Lohan could face up to three years in state prison. Lohan allegedly shoplifted a one of a kind necklace worth $2,500. Incredible as it seems, for an actress who undoubtedly has the money to pay for it, Lohan faces a felony conviction, time in state prison, and a trip back to county jail on a probation violation, for a rope of gold around her neck. The rope of gold may well turn in into cuffs of silver. Lohan denies the charges.

Because she already owes six months on a DUI conviction for which she is on probation, this new arrest feeds her squarely to the jaws of jail. When the judge let her out of going to jail this last time, and let her go to rehab instead, he told her that he would put her in jail if she violated her probation. What choice does he have but to incarcerate her? If he doesn’t, does the judicial system look like a joke? Or that the rules don’t apply to her? Or that she gets celebrity bad girl special treatment? As for the shoplifting charge, Lohan could likely strike a plea bargain. She might be offered a plea to a lesser misdemeanor charge and get concurrent time or even probation. A felony conviction might be too harsh as it could potentially ruin Lohan’s acting career for life. She may have used poor judgment, she may have committed a crime, she may be behaving badly, but the punishment has to fit the crime. Permanently ruining her future may be a bit more than is warranted as long as Lohan chooses to straighten up and fly right, if she can.

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Phil February 9, 2011 at 6:07 am

I don’t think a felony conviction would end her acting career permanently or even temporarily for that matter. It seems the only way to effectively end your career in Hollywood is to be outside of favor of the Producers. Actors do not play or abide by the social rules we working class people do. Sure a felony conviction for me ends my career but an actor, I don’t see that as a negative. For example, Robert Downey Jr, a convicted drug user/abuser is now at the top of the Hollywood ranks.

Loug1966 February 24, 2011 at 9:23 am

I’m sorry but she is making the system look rather comedic. A few years ago a 19 y.o. former co worker walked into the store I worked at in a mask as a joke (similar to the “scream” mask) and because a customer got pissed and reported him (he didnt see her because the mask blocked his peripheral vision) He ended up arrested, in court, parents used his brother’s college savings & 2nd mortgaged the house. All for a silly teenage indiscretion. He got a huge fine and 4 days in jail. He could not apologize more to the woman even though when he entered I greeted him by name. He clearly wasn’t threat. Does this sound like something LiLo would ever “suffer?” The system doesn’t work most of the time and never againts Hollywood’s Lohans, Sheens, Hiltons, Ritchies or Gibsons.

James gill March 9, 2011 at 12:12 am

Thank you for writing a sensical, logical, and humane article about this fallen star. It’s more than sad to see this happening before our eyes while the causes, namely her rediculous father bringing celebrity rehab crew to court, just to name today’s. I really hope the judge can put his faith in her and give her this chance at life by dropping charges because the entire shop lifting incident is a joke and exploitation at it’s best. A life intentionally ruined is the most malicious sentence you can give.

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