Lindsay Lohan – Is it time she does time?

By Susan F. Filan Esq.

Lindsay Lohan:

Do you think if you were on probation for DUI and you walked out of a posh L.A. jewelry store with a one of a kind necklace around your neck without paying for it, you would still be walking around? Would anyone believe your story that the jewelry store let you walk out with the $2,500 necklace for free? I didn’t think so. reports that the jewelry store owner said it did not loan the necklace to Lindsay Lohan. So put two and two together- the store did not loan Ms. Lohan the necklace. Ms. Lohan is seen wearing the necklace in the surveillance video before it was reported missing. Ms. Lohan is seen wearing the necklace in photographs that subsequently surfaced on the internet. This is reportedly how the jewelry store noticed it was gone. Once the search warrant was issued for Ms. Lohan’s home for the missing necklace, the necklace was returned to the police, the very same night.

Is there a case against Lindsay Lohan or does she have a defense to grand theft larceny? If she is arrested, this is an automatic violation of her probation. She will go back to the same judge who sentenced her– who is already on record saying that he will send her to jail if she violates her probation. She already avoided a jail sentence from this judge by going to rehab.

Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to celebrity justice? Is it time for Lindsay to go to jail or is she an addict who needs help with her disease?

Addiction is a disease but not an excuse. We enable celebrities with our worship. They need help with their disease, like anyone else, and they need to be responsible for their behavior, which is a choice, like anyone else.

Lindsay Lohan is not above the law because she is a celebrity or an addict. She needs help and she needs to be held accountable. It is time Ms. Lohan does time.


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David Edwards February 4, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Hey Susan its David,Im one of your Facebook friends.Probably if Ms. Lohan was held accountable for her acts then it could help with her addiction as well.Somehow if she ever feels she has hit rock bottom then and only then will she seek the help she needs.But notice I said when she seeks help.Only then can she beat her addiction.It probably wont happen because a judge sends her to a rehab.And only from seeking God to help her break this addiction can she can succeed.I sympathize with Ms. Lohan because behind all the stardom and cameras and money she is still a human being with very real thoughts & feelings.The addicted mind and body crys out for the substance that only a addict can understand.An addictive personality is not an easy thing to live with but it can be controlled with the proper help but only if she seeks the help herself.I agree that some serious jail time would be in order then she might decide she has hit rock bottom but as long as she is enabled by never really getting in trouble she will never feel like she has hit bottom.Then someday it could be to late which is a very real possibility.I say all this because i know a little bit about addiction.At age 12 I took my first drink of alcohol and I didnt know it then but I had this addictive gene and for the next 30yrs alcohol would ruin my life.On Dec. 14 2005 I quit drinking and have been sober since then,a little over 5 yrs now.So thats the reason I may seem a little more sympathetic for Ms. Lohan.She is still young enough to get her life back on track without a lot of regrets & mistakes.And that is my prayer for her along with so many other young people with addiction problems. David E

suzanne thompson February 5, 2011 at 2:45 pm

I completely agree!

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