Lady In White

There are outfits for parties and for going out and Lohan’s dress was darling for either- but it was much too fetching and cavalier for court. If anyone wonders whether Lohan loves the attention, muse no more. Her outfit said, “look at me, no, stare, and take me in, all of me.” I would have advised Lohan to be more demure and humble rather than wave a red flag to a bull. I would have her wave a white flag of peace sending the message of humility rather than jocularity. Court is not a hot date or a red carpet cat walk.

Apparently, Lohan still doesn’t get where she is- in hot water in a court of law. The Judge’s tongue lashing may have sobered her up a bit. He let her know in no uncertain terms that the same rules apply to her as they do the rest of us. And that if she breaks the law, he will revoke her bail and remand her to custody. He then set bail which she promptly posted.

Lohan claims she wore white as a sign of innocence. I say leave the theatrics for the theater. And act appropriately in court. If ever there was a time to signal to the court that she gets it, now is the time to send a sign. A big one.

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Logan Mohtashami February 10, 2011 at 9:30 am

Good Job in showing how disconnected Miss. Lohan is from the real world and the fact that many people enable her to act this way.

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