“Green Divorce”

Attorney Filan calls mediation the “Green Divorce.”

If a couple has decided to end their marriage there’s no reason to keep fighting. Mediation can be the fastest and best route to beginning your lives apart, especially if there are children. Mediation can save you time and money, and make your children’s well-being the priority.

Some people don’t know how to put their anger aside. Some people don’t know how not to fight.

Others learn how to find fair resolution as well as a solution that works without an all-out war.

This is mediation, an economical, roll-up-your-sleeves way of resolving things.

Parties who mediate recognize a need to make a choice- they would rather be happy than right.

Mediation helps you find a solution that works for you and your particular problem. You can tailor make your agreement in the peace and privacy of my office, rather than fight in a public courtroom in front of a judge. Mediation provides a way to move forward without getting bogged down in years of litigation, legal fees, and aggravation.

Attorney Filan is a skilled mediator who cuts through to the heart of the problem and helps you craft the answer that works just right for you.