Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested and you have a case in court, you are in a jam, and you need legal help. I am knowledgeable and experienced, and I care. I have years of experience in the criminal justice system from both sides, as a former prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

I provide highly specific individual-attention, tailor made for your unique needs. My years of experience in the criminal justice system began in 1991 when I worked in the trenches at a legal aid clinic in New Haven, CT. I learned how to put my compassion to work and get results that were exceptional. I am a relentless and tireless advocate. I don’t give up until I have done everything I possibly can do for you. I put myself in your shoes and treat your case the way I would as if it were my own.

The system can seem like a faceless bureaucracy that cranks you through like a sausage in a sausage factory, but I humanize you to the bureaucracy and make sure your case gets the attention it requires.

I love my work and am passionate about it. I put my heart and soul into every case for every client and I have the years of knowledge and experience behind me to defend you.