Charlie Sheen: Lick My Feet

Charlie Sheen is adamant that CBS owes him the apology rather than the other way around, and instead of Sheen begging for his job back, Sheen insists that CBS will be begging him to come back to finish the cancelled show. But Sheen will only return to work if he gets a million dollar per episode raise. Charlie Sheen, in his Today Show interview with Jeff Rossen, insisted the behavior outside of work that CBS complained of, never affected his performance on the show, and Sheen consistently delivered the goods on air like nobody else in television. Sheen was confident that his career was never better positioned to take off, with movie offers on the table, and CBS certain to offer Sheen a public apology while “licking my feet.”

Sheen insisted he kicked drug and alcohol addiction through willpower alone and not with the help of any programs this time because he is “special.” Other people cannot do what he did because they do not have “tiger blood and Adonis DNA.” And even though he admits addiction, and declares he has beat it by the power of his mind, he boasts he is able to celebrate with the occasional glass of champagne or wine, because that’s how people celebrate. Is this like beating diabetes with your mind, and then being able to eat candy on occasion?

Sheen also believes that his children will benefit from learning about his exploits by reading about them in the papers and then speaking to their father about them directly. The children will have the benefit of learning about perspective– their father’s. He says, “God no, talk about education…. Wow, winning. That’s how you perceive it.” And what will be their subject matter? They will read reports in newspapers that Sheen was arrested in Colorado for allegedly assaulting his wife, that Sheen allegedly destroyed a hotel room after an intoxicated exploit with a porn star, that Sheen lost his job for “statements, conduct and condition”, yet Sheen believes this material will be excellent education for his children. Sheen referred to the remarks about these incidents from anyone who was not there as “gibberish of fools.”

Sheen described his fight with CBS with venom and vitriol in his voice. He said he is at war with CBS. “They picked a war with a warlock.” He talked about CBS trying to destroy his family by going after Sheen’s money. Sheen said he will win the war with “violent hatred.” Sheen was asked about having been called an anti-semite, which Sheen denied by saying “I’m not that guy. That’s silliness.” Sheen said he had not spoken to Chuck Lorre, the show’s co-creator, whom he referred to as Haim Levine during a radio show, since they ended the hit television show. When asked if there was anything he would like to say to Lorre, Sheen was loaded for bear. Reading off prepared handwritten index cards, he fired off several pointed questions. Then, looking right into the camera, Sheen pulled out the AA handbook, flipped to the passage about acceptance, read from it, and said, “Accept me, Chuck.”

The question is, after this interview, will anyone ever accept Charlie Sheen again? Ever?

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richard March 14, 2011 at 2:20 pm

I have empathy for Charlie Sheen, but no respect for him as a father, a professional, or even a decent member of the human race. He is operating off a play book that has no relevance on this planet except for tyrants like Hitler and the like…………..its called “self will run riot” . Is he anti-semetic?……………..he is anti-everything that doesnt suit him at any particular time. He has fenced himself out from every rational human being. I believe in redemption and therefore beleve if CS makes an honest break from his meglamania there will be acceptance. I know that if he lives long enough, the day will come when he will regret his maniacal behavior. Sadly, in this process he has put himself above the good of his children……….a legacy that they will have to work to shake. I would counsel him that he should not be making decisions for them about how they should view the world………regardless of what he thinks, he is not the standard and has no right to assume he knows what is best for them. My best advise to CS is to go on his knees to his father Martin and ask for help………he loves him and can help him.

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